Zhejiang Heirrmu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

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Zhejiang Heirrmu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Haining Agriculture Integrated Development Zone of Zhejiang. The company is a joint venture. it is a high-techenterprise. The company covers more than 47000 square meters with more than 300 employees.  It has more than 30 middle and senior technicians and development team comprising of 5 senior engineers The company insists  to  keep  science  and technology innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise  to  raise  product quality in company comprehensively.

The company takes the responsibility of creating convenience and safety of aloft work. The products are accurately manufactured strictly according to the JG/T5103 standard and have gained the user’s deep trust. The products have been evaluated by the Head Station of Provincial Product Inspection and own the Production Certificate awarded by CCMA. It presently has the whole set of CAD design and development equipments and professional production and

processing equipments and can meet the customers’requirements for the desing and manufacture of irregular aloft elevating platform according to special environment.

We will try our best efforts to maximize customers' benefits and give top priority to our product quality; we will attach importance to service in time, think what customer thinks and worry about what customer worry consistently standing for the customers.

We will carry out our win-win goal with silent language; we will prove we can achieve our promises strictly with our sincere practice. We sincerely welcome all kinds of customers come to our company to guide, exchange and cooperation, jointly make best efforts to promote the development of this industry and create our future.


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